My name is Rosamond. I enjoy reading, writing, thinking about exercising, and eating nutella by the spoonful. I firmly believe in breakfast for dinner and pizza for breakfast. I adore William and Kate and if you don’t know who I am talking about you can’t read this blog.  I love and care about many things in this world including fitness, food, books, politics, feminism, sneezing baby pandas ( Seriously, check it out), and anything that involves dark chocolate. If this blog were an actress it would be Meryl Streep. If it were a kitchen appliance it would be a blender.  Enjoy!



  1. You love chocolate and cheese huh? We must be “soulmates” I look forward to reading your blog. I hope you enjoy reading mine.

  2. I too enjoy breakfast for dinner on many occasions. And peach cobbler for breakfast!

  3. Paulina Czarnecki

    Great blog! 😀

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