Our Imaginary Weight Problem

Our Imaginary Weight Problem

“How did we get into this absurd situation? That is a long and complex story. Over the past century, Americans have become increasingly obsessed with the supposed desirability of thinness, as thinness has become both a marker for upper-class status and a reflection of beauty ideals that bring a kind of privilege.

In addition, baselessly categorizing at least 130 million Americans — and hundreds of millions in the rest of the world — as people in need of “treatment” for their “condition” serves the economic interests of, among others, the multibillion-dollar weight-loss industry and large pharmaceutical companies, which have invested a great deal of money in winning the good will of those who will determine the regulatory fate of the next generation of diet drugs.” – Paul Campos. 

This is an interesting article. It is important to be aware of the power that the “weight-loss industry” wields in this country. Essentially  this “industry” makes millions by reinforcing superficial ideals of thinness and beauty meant to make us all feel inadequate. Remember, the goal is to be your best, healthiest self, which means something different for everyone. It is time we stop measuring ourselves against some arbitrary, unrealistic standard. 


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