Five Things I Love This Week”

This week has been a very exciting one. I am back at Smith and starting new classes all of which I love and cannot wait to write about on the blog. I love so many things this week that it is hard to choose just five!

1. Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC

I am sure it is not surprising to any of you that I watched and loved the Democratic Convention this year. There were so many great moments and I do feel renewed hope and enthusiasm heading in to this crazy election season!

2. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is my hero. Her speech was incredible and how beautiful is that dress?!?

3. One of my professors started our first class with this quote and I absolutely love it:

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love” – Mother Teresa

4. Instant Oatmeal

I brought a bunch of instant oatmeal to bring to college this semester and it is the perfect breakfast. It is really easy and healthy. Basically, I am just now discovering the joy of oatmeal!

5. “One Man’s Meat” by E.B. White

Just before I left for school, my Dad gave me this book. It is a collection of essays that cover a wide variety of topics, but focus especially on White’s life living on a farm in Maine. Each essay is an absolute gem! It is kind of book where every page I come across a line or phrase that absolutely must share with everyone around me.

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