What I Ate Wednesday

Today was a nice quiet day. I am trying to soak up all the pleasures of living at home before I leave for school on Tuesday.

I have been meaning to try overnight oats for a while now, but I am just too lazy. Luckily, my sister is home and she made some using this recipe that I had topped with a banana for breakfast this morning. I must try to make it myself, it was so good!


I enjoyed this with a hot cup of chai tea and a good book!


For lunch I had a cranberry english muffin, that my Mom and I picked up at our local farmer’s market, topped with jam, an apple, yogurt, and a juicy plum.


Later on, I snacked on my second apple of the day because for me, one is really not enough.


We had company for dinner and my mom and my sister prepared a wonderful meal. I made the dessert which was fruit salad with greek yogurt. I will admit that I snacked on some of the ingredients while I was making it! For dinner, we had couscous salad, pesto and tomato pasta salad, poached salmon, a salad made up of vegetables from my friend’s very own garden, and freshly baked bread made by my sister!



To drink, we had a great combination of cranberry juice, seltzer water, and lime.

That is it for this week’s WIAW. This time next week I will be eating in a dining hall, so you will see some changes. I am hoping, however, to prove that it is possible to eat a healthy diet even in a dining hall. Let’s see if I can do it!

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