Reading “Anna Karenina”: Part 2 (Pg. 99-200)”

A lot has happened in these last one hundred pages. I absolutely loved the moment when Anna realizes that Vronsky is also on the train to Petersburg and that she cannot escape the feelings she has for him. Tolstoy does a wonderful job describing the inner turmoil that Anna experiences and the constant struggle between the deepest desires of her heart and the expectations and rules of the society and world in which she lives. Her struggle is believable because  because none of her problems are black and white or have simple solutions. On the one hand, she clearly loves Vronsky and does not love her husband. I am excited to see what twist and turns the next one hundred pages have in store!

“The majority of young women, envious of Anna and long since weary of her being called righteous, were glad of what they surmised and only waited for the turnabout of public opinion to be confirmed before they fell upon her with the full weight of their scorn. They were already preparing the lumps of mud they would fling at her when the time came”- pg. 174

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