The Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court’s decision today to uphold the Affordable Care Act and the individual mandate was a huge step forward in putting an end to the health care crisis in this country. As President Obama said, today’s decision was not about who wins or loses in Washington, but what is best for the American people. Because of the Affordable Care Act, 34 million uninsured Americans will gain coverage. I am especially grateful for the part of the Act that will allow 2.5 million young Americans to keep their health insurance. President Obama took a huge risk by fighting so hard to make health care affordable and Accesible for all Americans and I am so glad he did. Thank you, Mr. President.

If you are at all interested please take a minute to watch President’s Obama speech in reaction to the Court’s decision.

Also, the following are some great resources on the Affordable Care Act and what the Supreme Court’s decision means:

Also, you can find the complete text of the Court’s decision here.

Whether you support the ACA or not, it important to educate yourself on what the Act is and what it means for Americans.

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