Running and the Hunger Games

Today, I went running with my mom. I am not a natural runner at all, but I am really hoping to get faster, gain endurance, and get in better shape. Running with my mom is the best motivation in the world. Let’s face it, without her to run with me I would have a really hard time getting my butt off the couch and getting out there! Running with another person is much easier than running alone. Today was great because I spent the whole run telling my mom the plot of the Hunger Games. I just finished “Catching Fire” and can’t wait to start “Mockingjay”. By the end, I was so winded that it was hard to keep talking, but the run went by so fast because we were both entertained!


By second best motivator is my pair of electric blue Nikes!


This book completely blew me away. It makes me very happy to finally read a young adult novel with a strong, brave, independent, tough, female protagonist. Katniss Everdeen is an incredible and compelling character. She is exactly what modern young adult fiction needs. Let’s just say that she is superior to Bella Swan in every possible way.

Speaking of strong female role models, as I am typing this I am watching the WNBA’s Seattle Storm vs. the Washington Mystics. Sadly, my favorite team the New York Liberty lost earlier today. I am continually impressed by the athleticism, strength, and skill of the players in the WNBA.



Women like Sue Bird and Crystal Langhorne are both talented and underrated. They are the perfect role models for me in my journey toward living a healthier, more active life.


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